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First Writing Experience– Questions Week

Keeping with yesterday’s theme of open dialogues, I’ve decided this week will follow in the theme of questions about writing… today’s topic, when did you first start writing?

I couldn’t really give you an exact date, but I know that I was about ten or eleven at the time. I remember writing a short story or two on one of my earliest computers. We had been required to have a typing course in my third grade, and this continued well on through junior high, (although by this time I was already ahead a bit because I had been doing it for so long already), so I understood the basics of computers but there were still a few things that I didn’t know. I distinctly remember, one of my first experiences with the necessity of backing up was when I was about ten and I had selected the entirety of my story to change the font (even back then I was a total font snob). I still don’t quite know what I did, I must have accidentally pressed one of the keys, because the next thing I knew the entire story was gone. My mother either didn’t know enough about computers or I something but I remember being devastated. I had no idea about Cmd/Ctrl-Z and, now I think about it most computers usually don’t let you exit the program without saving first, even back then if I recall, but either way it was there one minute and gone the next and it was the most devastating experience of my life at the time.

When did you first start writing or realize that you wanted to be a writer? 

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