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Sequel Prep

With the second draft of my current work-in-progress complete, I’ve had a lot of free time the last few days in between editing to work on the official outline for the sequel which I plan to start this November. Thus far I’ve managed to complete thirteen pages of outline for the novel as a whole. I still have quite a bit of work to go with regards to how much I plan to outline before NaNoWriMo, this November as I’d like to attempt to write 100k rather than the traditional 50k. It’s going to take, I think, quite a bit of preparation on my part in order to do this, so I’m trying to work through as many potential plot holes now rather than later on. I don’t anticipate this will be a completely fool proof option, however I’m hoping to avoid some of the major pitfalls I had with the first book.

All in all, the outline that I’ve written so far has made me excited to start book two and eager for it to be November already. I’m sure by the time November rolls around I”ll feel completely overwhelmed within a few weeks as one often does, however for the time being I’m going to just enjoy the excitement as I prepare for NaNo 2014, and continue my edits for my current w.i.p.

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