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Man Eater: A Blood in the Paint Review

Authors Note: Warning this post may contain spoilers:

Almost a year ago now I read Jordanna’s marvelous prequel ‘Blood in the Past’ and I instantly fell in love with the wickedly delicious Lyla Kyle and at long last I can say the bitch is back!

Blood in the Paint is a mesmerizing continuation into the lives of characters since their debut in Blood in the Past. Once more I found myself cheering on Lyla Kyle and frustrated by the exhausting antics that were Jason Brighthouse. There were more than a few times in which I found myself practically yelling at the book and rolling my eyes at Jason Brighthouse’s obsession with Lyla (however right he may have been). And once again I can’t wait for the next book.


Can we talk about Jason ‘Lighthouse” for a minute?

Can we?

Because I don’t think I have ever been so exhausted by a character in my life. As an avid fan of Lyla Kyle (to the point at which I cheered at her escapes and mostly always being one step ahead of her would-be captors) I’m not a fan of anyone who stands in her way. No matter how necessary he is as (in my view) the antagonist of this particular series. It didn’t hurt that his wife was equally exhausting and actually kind of manipulative.

I wasn’t sorry to see her go.

Nor was I particularly sorry to see Jillian Atford go, though I must admit Lyla’s way of going about it was really quite spectacular.

I could probably go on further about my feelings about this book, but I’d rather not spoil too much (I mean more than I already did).

All in all I gave the book four stars because while I absolutely loved the middle to end, it did feel just a touch slow to start. But so did Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and look how that turned out. Jordanna is truly spectacular and I can’t wait for the next installment. :), and I promise I won’t take so long to read it and get a review out to you.

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