Evolution of a Novel



one of the most exciting parts about letting my ideas sit and bake for a while is how much of an evolution they’ve made since their inception. In a post a few months ago I wrote about the evolution of the Secrets of Witches storyline and the characters, but Secrets isn’t the only story that’s evolved, in fact of the six novels I have planned over the course of the next few years, almost all of them have definitely grown from the original storyline I had for them in my head into the outlines I’ve created for them so far.

Part of what makes this evolution so exciting is knowing that the stories have become even more amazing over time than I ever imagined they would be, and that makes them exciting to write and even more exciting to look back on how far it’s come from where it started. This probably isn’t true for all stories, and maybe this feeling isn’t true for all stories, nor should it be. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown as a writer more in the last few years, or maybe it’s because there needed to be time between when I came up with the idea to when I actually felt it was finished and ready for the idea to mature and perhaps even me to mature with it.

I am always loathe to say that I am a more mature person now than I was when I first started writing, because when I was younger (and even now) there’s nothing more annoying than having someone tell you you’ll understand when you’re older or you’ll do x when you’re older. Am I more mature than I was back then? Of course, but I was pretty mature even then. The point I’m trying to get at is… my ideas needed time to mature as did my writing, and while I hope I never stop growing as an author, perhaps my ideas will need a little less time to mature in the future.

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