Your Brand and You



now that you’ve established that you are in fact a brand, we need to figure out more about you and the heart of what you’re trying to sell to figure out what your brand is really all about.

If you are a frequenter of this blog chances are high that you’re a writer and chances are higher still that you’re probably also a novelist. For us the brand is about writing, obviously. If you’re a non-fiction writer you’re job is a little bit easier because the basic point you have to prove is: Why am I qualified to write this book? For novelists the question is: Why should anyone else care that I wrote this book? You have to immerse people into your brand, from the way you speak to the way you represent yourself online. For the Cult of Racewood, I’ve created icons, and cover photos both for my Facebook Page and Twitter page that are identical but vary mostly by size. I have a chosen font and color scheme that represents me and my brand and anywhere you can find me, I am under the Racewood moniker. My color scheme, fonts and design are everywhere that I am. From my business card to my logo and everything in between, uniformity is key. For non-designers this all may seem a little intimidating. I have to think about color schemes now? You’re probably wondering. The truth is, when you’re just starting out you may think that all of this seems a bit over the top, but here’s something to consider. When you meet someone new, you tell them you’re a writer (believe me you manage to find a way to slip it into a conversation, we all do), generally the next question is what do you write. You immediately have an opportunity to discuss your current project or most recently published project. You explain you have a website, and right then you slip them your business card. Just in case. Who knows, you may have bought yourself a new reader. 

Your business card is the first place to showcase your brand, and it says a lot about you, particularly if it looks professionally designed.

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