earlier this week I discussed collateral, also known as marketing materials. Collateral means anything in which your logo is printed on. Business cards, t-shirts, tote bags, you name it. It’s all about brand saturation. You may not find the idea of all of these things necessary but consider again blogger and fellow author Jordanna East. Since incorporating Blood Read Press, she’s had several give aways with various items that have her logo on them including tote bags, t-shirts and really awesome syringe pens. It’s not exactly the cheapest option but one thing it now gives her is people showing off her logo, it’s got her website directly on it, and from there prospective readers will now check that out.

Business cards are perhaps the most important piece of collateral any writer can have, I can’t stress this enough. Business cards allow you to give people a quick way to find your site and you in one place. Tip: VistaPrint will give you 250 cards, for the price of shipping and handling, which ends up being about $10 or so. And believe me, if you don’t think 250 is a lot, I still have a ton. I even used slipped them into my books so readers could use them as a free bookmark (I’m working on getting my updated business cards, but for now I still have quite a few).

It may not seem worth it to you to have a whole big shop (particularly if your unknown) like I do with IHOR Clothing Co, but it’s completely free to set up a small store via Zazzle or Spreadshirt and the opportunities to further your brand are immeasurable. Even if you’re the only one buying them, buy tote bags for yourself, your friends, and family. Start giving away collateral as birthday and Christmas gifts, give your mother an iPhone case with your logo on it. Eventually people are going to get curious and ask them what it’s about. Have your website underneath and make sure that they can easily get to it.

Side note: It may not always be the most affordable option, but if your able to buy your own domain name e.g.: your-name or I definitely recommend it. I was with GoDaddy, but after the whole SOPA fiasco, I switched over to Hover. They’re absolutely fabulous and incredibly simple. I believe WordPress offers you the option to purchase a domain as an upgrade, and even if you don’t want to pay for domain mapping it’s definitely worth it just to have your WordPress blog point to your domain that way you can have a professional looking website address on your collateral rather than your

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