Everyone has a different style for outlining. I personally prefer not to do so… kind of… if what I do is considered outlining it’s more like notes than anything. But one thing I do know about outlines is that if you like to do them digitally there is good news for you. And it’s called

Scapple by Literature and Latte. The same brilliant minds who brought us Scrivener which I will discuss later. Scapple is a lot like the brainstorming pictures you likely made in grade school. Unlike those brainstorming creations however, you have the ability to add photographs if your a more visual thinker.

Storyteller by Amazon Studios: This one is kind of exciting. It’s general use is for screenplay writers to help them create storyboards, for their scripts, but according to one blogger it may have a much broader appeal than merely for scripts. If you’re a writer who wants help with visualizing characters you can upload your story into storyteller and watch your characters come to life. Or build your own scenes, with custom backgrounds and additions as needed. It won’t necessarily be something you want to share but it could give you a visual idea of how something a scene should look.

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