Word Processors


Writing software and word processors aren’t really difficult to find. In fact, a quick Google search will likely find you about a few thousand actual bits of software and a zillion articles about software. But the good ones depend entirely on what your operating system is and what you generally need it for.

I’ve written a fairly great deal about my love for Scrivener. It can be simple if that’s what you need it for and it can be fairly complex if that’s also what you need it for, it has amazing features like snapshots which allows you to save versions of your novel within the same document (rather than making multiple copies as I often did before) and compare and contrast the versions with each other. You can even have a two-up view where you can look at any other sub document with your main document, like saved PDF files for research or previous chapters while writing your current scene or chapter. With Corkboard you can see your individual scenes as little notes on a board to allow you to outline in a more visual fashion, or you can use the Outliner function. The great thing is, Scrivener has everything you could possibly imagine needing and it’s not just for novelists.

But if all of that hasn’t convinced you to at least try Scrivener, here are some other options for you.

Google Drive: It’s not quite as exciting as Scrivener by any means, but it’s collaborative (if that’s something you need) and like all cloud accounts it can be accessed from anywhere. Don’t have your laptop on you? Visit your Drive on your tablet or smartphone or from a local computer at the library. It’s simple and best of all it’s free which isn’t something you can say often these days.

Writer’s Cafe: If there’s any other software I loved as much as I love Scrivener it would have to be Writer’s Cafe. One thing I particularly enjoy is the daily quotes from authors, writing prompts and character naming generators.

Write Room: If your the sort of writer who needs a clean, ultramodern, distraction free writing space then this is the app for you. It’s all about minimalism. Although having a Mac is sort of a pre-rec for this particular app.

Word and/or Pages: Depending on your platform will work just as well, but they aren’t as preferable as the aforementioned options. Scrivener is by far my favorite writing application of all time because everything you could possibly want is right there. The only way they could improve is by adding prompts and and web browser right in the app for research without ever having to leave your document. (There is a writing application that offers this, it might be Writer’s Cafe but I confess I don’t entirely remember).

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