Exploring My Options


Secrets of Witches may be on hold for the time being while I work on a newer project, but it doesn’t mean that the trilogy isn’t on my mind.

Recently, thanks in no small part to Jordanna East, I’ve recently added an entirely new option onto the list of possibilities for Secrets in the form of a serialized novel. Kindle Serials, (their special imprint specifically for serial novels) has given rise to the resurgence of concept of serial novels. The idea behind them being smaller stories that make up part of a much larger work. While the concept had been fairly out of fashion for quite some time now, apparently it isn’t just Amazon who’s hoping to capitalize on the idea of the serial novel. According to the Wall Street Journal (who’s opinions I usually trust about as much as Fox News), St. Martin’s Press and Penguin (who recently merged officially with Random House) have both taken on the serial novel concept. 

Obviously there are lots of things to consider, not the least of which is ensuring that the story in question is one that could be made to last more than a season (which in a trilogy would likely equal out to three depending on a myriad of factors) and it would, hopefully also equal out to a story that each episode in the season could stand alone as well as a part of a whole novel. I think the easiest way to accomplish this (besides doing a massive outline) might be to write the entire novel first; in the separate increments insuring that they all work together and stand alone and then publish them periodically. Typically it would seem that every two weeks seems to be the standard for Kindle.

It’s an exciting concept I think, and more importantly it’s an exciting new format that I’ve actually never tried before which makes it a little dangerous and scary and I like that. I like the idea of trying something I’ve never done. There’s quite a bit for me to consider and research before I make any official decisions to be announced here… watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Exploring My Options

    • It really seems like it could be fun, and a bit addictive. I definitely would want to have the whole thing finished first. But thanks. Best of luck to you as well. :)

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