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It’s not often (make of that what you will) that I get to hear from readers about what they think of what is currently available of my books (before I took them down so I could do a substantial rewrite), but as I still had copies of the paperback of my book and one of my mother’s co-workers wanted to read it I decided what the hell. I had almost completely forgotten about it altogether until I got an email from said co-worker’s husband who had also read the book.

 …At 1st i was a bit sceptical, Honestly I had never read much in the GLBP [LGBT] genre …  I decided what the hell, I havent found a good book in a while.  I got to page 2 wherte you found out chris was gay and thought….. is this going to be a “GAY” book???? but i decided to go on reading.  It turned out to be a really good book.  So I wanted to Thank you…  Im glad I kept reading. TY for a original idea and reminding me LOVE IS LOVE no matter who is sharing it.

You know when I set out to write Bridge of Memories almost two years ago this November, I knew that there might be some resistance, but I sincerely hoped that people who would not normally have given the book a second glance based solely on it being in the LGBT genre would decide to check it out anyway. For me there’s really no better praise because it means that my main goal, making the fact that these characters are gay the least interesting thing about them, worked. I accomplished what I set out too.

I’m still going to do some rewrites an edits because there’s a lot I want to perfect of the trilogy, but it was amazing to hear and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I desperately needed a sign that this was still what I should be doing (because sometimes we all start to doubt ourselves) and this was definitely the jolt in the arm I needed.

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