The Long Haul 13k

It’s been roughly two weeks since I first began my attempt at writing two stories at once, and as expected I haven’t so much written both of my stories as one has sort of temporarily fallen by the wayside while the other one has actually been an interesting journey. At some point I will get back to the other story, perhaps if I hit a writers block on this one, or hopefully sooner.

In the interim however, I actually feel like I’ve accomplished quite a bit on this current story, in two weeks I’ve managed to write two chapters which doesn’t seem like a lot but as it amounts to almost 13,000 words I would say it’s actually a pretty great deal. Thus far these are the longest chapters I’ve ever written (which considering the genre 5,000k words isn’t overly a lot really) but I’m incredibly happy and excited. I won’t say too much about the story save for it’s technically not new new as I have written it before, but a lot has changed in this rewrite so we’ll see how that pans out.

I expect by the end of chapter three I’ll have roughly fifteen thousand words on this book. Maybe I’ll stop at like 25k (depending on where I am) and go back to my other story. I still haven’t quite decided yet. Trying to figure out how to balance two books at once has become an interesting challenge and thus far I think by definition I haven’t really succeeded.

What about you? What’s everyone working on? Have you ever tried to write two stories at once? How did that go for you?

3 thoughts on “The Long Haul 13k

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  2. While retyping an old novel into my new computer, I got an idea for another book. I stopped retyping and wrote the new one. While working on it, an idea for another book popped into my head. I made notes on it, but had it half finished by the time I completed my novel. I never did get the one retyped so I could edit it and have it published, and the last one–well, I’m still working on it 2 years later! It’s finished and has gone through the first edit. I have a children’s book that I started somewhere in the muddle, but it’s more idea than a book, with only 20 pages written.
    I keep a file to put in book ideas or scenes. There may not be a place for them in whatever I’m currently working on, but I don’t want to forget them.
    I don’t like to have too many projects going at the same time–I confuse easily! :)
    I think working on one book at a time is plenty!

    • It’s definitely tricky to keep up more than one, but I have been able too in the past. I would definitely agree, having an idea file is a great idea so you can get it out and get I back to your original project.

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